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Little Sweetheart

How I Healed After Sexual Abuse-and How You Can Protect Other Children from Grooming and Abuse

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About the book

Sexual trauma can dim or even extinguish
the spark of our personalities - but deep within us, our souls remain as bright and beautiful as the day God gave them to us.

Sexual predators are an all-too-common reality. How can we protect our children and teenagers from this threat? And how do we heal if we too have been victims of sexual abuse? How can we face this ongoing danger with courage, resiliency, and faith?

Little Sweetheart shows us answers to these questions. It is the true account of a twelve-year-old girl who was trapped into a sexual relationship with an older dance teacher, but it is much more than a memoir.

With vulnerability and honesty, Amber Gregory integrates both spiritual inspiration and careful research with her 
autobiographical story. As she shares her healing journey—a journey she took with her Divine Soul Mate at her side—she empowers us to learn along with her. She offers us not only information but also new hope.


Unfiltered Stories Podcast

February 21, 2024

Orange Curtain

Ignite a Powerful Conversation: Ending the Silence on Groomed Rape

Groomed rape is a critical issue shrouded in silence, leaving many individuals feeling unheard and alone. I am passionate about fostering open dialogue and empowering communities to address this complex topic. As a speaker, I bring extensive knowledge, compelling insights, and a commitment to creating safe spaces for discussion.

I'm available to engage your audience on various platforms: Zoom, Google Meet, podcasts, radio interviews, in-person events like healing workshops, retreats, and book signings.

Together, let's spark critical conversations that can lead to understanding, healing, and positive change.

Take action - contact me directly to schedule an impactful event or interview.

Phone: 1-607-237-9376 


If you're using this to share your personal story, this information will be kept confidential. 


About the author

Amber Gregory

I graduated from Binghamton University in New York,  I have spent most of my professional life in the business world.  I believe I was called to share my story to help other survivors of child abuse and early trauma to understand the sometimes confusing components of why this abuse happened.  I use my personal story of when I was twelve to thirteen years old to illustrate not only the mind of a child during the grooming process, but to educate non-survivors so they can recognize abuse before the sexual part actually takes place.  There is a spiritual thread that runs through the story as I have found God to be an integral part of my life since I was very young, just four years old.  There were times, out of shame I have turned away from God, not wanting God's light to shine so brightly into my life.  This is a book of hope and not a book of sorrow.  It is appropriate for ages 15 and older.

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Understanding Grooming and the Cycle of Narcissistic Abuse
Part 1: Which Children are Targeted?
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Part 2: Grooming
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Part 3: Understanding Narcissistic Traits
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Part 4: "On the Hook"
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Book reviews

 The author has bravely described the confusion, trauma, and betrayal she experienced. Readers with similar experiences will gain understanding, comfort, and validation reading this accessibly written book. For readers free of such trauma, the book provides an opportunity for greater understanding of those who have been so violated.




- Constance A. Platt, psychologist and author of Comforting the Confused

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