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Little Sweetheart by Amber Gregory Book Cover

Little Sweetheart:
How I was Groomed, Abused & Raped
by a Teacher I Trusted

This is the true story of the year I turned thirteen— the year I was first groomed, then raped, and then sexually and emotionally abused by my older dance teacher. It was the year I went from being a happy and loved child to feeling deep shame and insecurities that overshadowed my life. Even though I eventually found the strength and resilience to break free from "The Wolf," it took time to undo the damage he caused. A spiritual thread runs through my narrative, because I believe God played an essential role in helping me make sense of things and, ultimately, leading me to treatment and healing.

     This is a book of hope, not a book of sorrow.

Learning to be Loved

Learning to be Loved is a 100 page adult picture book written in closeness with my  daughter.  She was adopted at age two and came on board with severe trauma which led to an attachment disorder that was little known at the time of her childhood and early years with me.  We found Dr. Walter Buenning, who was indeed a God send and educated us on the what, why and how of Reactive Attachment Disorder ( RAD) and Childhood Conduct Disorder (CD).  Most importantly he showed us the new ( and completely done with love) parenting techniques that has healed my daughter and brought our family back together in love and happiness.  This book is finished and will be released when my daughter is ready to share her story with the world.

Angry kid

Untitled Early Trauma Chapter Book

This book, currently being written and co-authored with Dr. Walter Buenning, explores his parenting principles and how they are applied in real-life situations of parenting a child who has experienced severe neglect and abuse.


Dr Buenning describes in detail not only the principles he teaches, but why and how they work when typical parenting will just not do the job. Meanwhile, I provide the real-life examples of how the trauma of neglect and abuse led to behaviors that had me and my husband feeling helpless, unable to treat the severe emotional damage left behind from our daughter's early years in an orphanage. Today, thanks to Dr. Buenning's teachings, we are no longer a family in crisis. Instead, we have become a family built on love and trust, with a beautiful and healthy daughter.


This book is still in the writing phase.

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