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Hi! I'm Amber. Welcome!

      I'm interested in many things, and currently my passion is talking about different kinds of abuse and how the trauma of that affects people's lives. My first book, Little Sweetheart, explores my personal account of groomed rape, the subsiquent abuse, and the ramifications that has had throughout my life. The shame and dirty feeling I experienced led to a life of never feeling quite good enough, needing to strive constantly for more, and hyper-vigilance. Writing Little Sweetheart was a journey of healing for me, and I hope it will open doors for readers to take their own healing journeys.

      I am also currently working on two other books that deal with the trauma of severe neglect and abuse that is experienced by children who grow up without adequate love and care. The first book will be a picture book written in collaboration with my daughter, while the second one is a chapter book written in collaboration with a doctor. Like Little Sweetheart both are near and dear to my heart.

      In addition to writing, I am working toward a Certified Lay Speaker position in the United Methodist Church. I love having the opportunity to share with groups of people! I also own and run a movie theater with my husband Bruce. Thursday nights at 6:00 pm you can find us doing a short, fun Facebook Live where we talk about various things. If you want to tune in to watch me in impromptu action, that event occurs at

      Finally, I would like to offer my experience to groups and organizations looking for a speaker on the topic of abuse, as well as aspects of the spiritual life. I'd also love to hear other people's stories—together, we can help each other to grow and heal. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

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May 1990- Today

May 1993

I am so enjoying writing myself and collaborating with Dr. Walter Buenning on an upcoming project.  I have taken classes to be a certified Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church and I hope o use these skills to speak publicly on the topic of groomed rape. I believe the door is just opening to my next big adventure!

Owner/ President of a movie theater ! Wow what a fun job!  I have loved this job for 30 years and it's allowed me to drop to part time at various points in my life first to raise my son and daughter and now to develop my writing interest and spend more time exploring my calling as a lay speaker at my church.

Graduated with a BS in Applied Social Science from Binghamton University in Binghamton New York.

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